Odd Kind of Feeling

Have you ever witnessed a moment where a small group of people are arguing and arguing on an on about something —  No one listens to anyone.  Everyone regurgitates the canned arguments and counter-arguments.  And then some event, maybe some physical threat occurs. And everyone in the group immediately knows that the time has come to put all differences aside, work together, get serious, and be ruled by reason.  Survival demands it.

And in the midst of that, some well-intentioned fellow or lady, still riled up from their earlier rhetorical games pipes back in with “well, I think…”

And a leader of the group, harshly, and with all silent, says to that individual…

Shut. Up. We do not care what you think.

And that person is hurt, and taken aback – their chants had been picked up by their compatriots just moments ago. They alone are out of sync with the reality of the situation. Everyone else around them has awaken.

As their eyes search the group for support, only stern looks are returned.  The group has changed its mindset… and that individual got left behind.

Well, the world feels a little like that to me right now.




dscf6772This is a closeup I took of a brain coral in the Bahamas.  This single thing we call “a brain coral” is really a colony of individual creatures.  If you look closely, you can see their tiny mouths in the image.

All living things on earth exist in colonies.  Some spread to encompass a rock — thus forming a brain coral.  Others spread to cover vast portions of Earth.  Polyps can be viewed as single creatures, but they can also be viewed as a larger, cohesive, living entity in the form of the colony. Without conscious intention, seemingly random ‘decisions’ of each polyp regarding self placement yields a distinct pattern not unlike the folds of the human cortex.  Colonies of these particular polyps form the same  predictable pattern, over and over.  Not identical in instance, but surely in pattern.

I view humanity both as individuals, with their personal needs and desires, as well as a colony — the most complex and successful colony in the world.

One polyp can’t change the colony.  But if many polyps start acting differently – anything is possible.

Why write a blog?

I’ve been scribbling down my thoughts for about a year now.  As a result, I’ve accumulated a lot of random, and plausible interesting, thoughts.  This can all sit in my laptop, and serve as nothing more than a way to help me organize my thoughts — or I can share them with others.  The writing continues either way, but sharing might prove interesting.

I plan to write in short essay form.  Some containing profundity (to me), some probably containing astounding misconceptions.  Others containing a realization that I’m coming late to the party.  And  yet others that are little more than an amusement.  Amusing for me to write.  Maybe amusing for others to read.  Time will tell.

You can anticipate some semi-unpolished writing.  A few of these entries might be little more than first impressions, musings if you will.  While writing such things, I spend little time attending to precise grammar, clarity of thought and convincing presentation.  My self-imposed rule is that the writing will at least be “coherent” – though on occasion, I may even trip over that low bar.  If a particular piece should garner attention, some further editing will likely be forth coming. 🙂

If you’re looking for someone writing with authority, you’re not going to be happy here. No institutions have granted me a title worthy of speaking publicly on any topic.  Frankly, many pundits express opinions I would find embarrassing.  I’m no expert.  I don’t claim any authority.  I do claim to be moderately intelligent, increasingly well educated,  and a generally reasonable person.  Probably a lot like yourself.

This blog is mostly about how I am coming to see the world.  I’m in a bit of a unique position to observe it just now.  I’m not claiming to be a “special snowflake’, but the vast majority of folks in the U.S. reasonably spend their time earning a living to improve their lives and the lives of their family.  I have the time now to pause and think.  To watch, read, talk, attend and observe the world around me with no pressing work schedule to interfere.  When I worked as a professional, I spent no time at all considering anything of much importance other than work.  To put it in out-dated colloquial terms… I’ve dropped out of the rat race and now have the time to think for myself.

I’m on a crazy journey of realization and exploration.  Ideas and topics come from whatever happens to cross my mind.  This spans philosophy, history, religion, politics, reality, government, society, science, and the overarching trends of humanity as I see them.  Yeah, so… not a lot of narrow scope there. 🙂  As I said, if you’re looking for an expert authority on a given topic, you’re going to be disappointed.  These are nothing more than my thoughts.

If you’re interested in seeing what kinds of crazy ideas occur to a reasonable mind when it suddenly stops and looks around, I encourage you to join me.