Odd Kind of Feeling

Have you ever witnessed a moment where a small group of people are arguing and arguing on an on about something —  No one listens to anyone.  Everyone regurgitates the canned arguments and counter-arguments.  And then some event, maybe some physical threat occurs. And everyone in the group immediately knows that the time has come to put all differences aside, work together, get serious, and be ruled by reason.  Survival demands it.

And in the midst of that, some well-intentioned fellow or lady, still riled up from their earlier rhetorical games pipes back in with “well, I think…”

And a leader of the group, harshly, and with all silent, says to that individual…

Shut. Up. We do not care what you think.

And that person is hurt, and taken aback – their chants had been picked up by their compatriots just moments ago. They alone are out of sync with the reality of the situation. Everyone else around them has awaken.

As their eyes search the group for support, only stern looks are returned.  The group has changed its mindset… and that individual got left behind.

Well, the world feels a little like that to me right now.



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